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              Registered Charity in England & Wales No.1165941

              One Community Approach

              Our One Community Approach focuses on ‘Promotion, Empowerment and Awareness’

              Enabling ways to improve welfare for zoo animals requires strong working relationships between zoos, aquariums and animal welfare groups. Animal welfare NGOs and the accredited zoo community both agree on and want to support attaining the very highest welfare standards for animals in captivity.

              Wild Welfare’s ‘One Community’ approach inspires a collaborative, compassionate approach from the world’s leading zoos, aquariums and animal welfare NGOs, to take innovative action towards improving welfare practices and policies for wild animals in captivity.

              We’re creating a united body of experts and resources and together we are tackling the significant welfare issues facing captive wild animals around the world. We believe that the long-term solutions to these welfare issues are best found through positive dialogue and action.

              We recognise that every captive wild animal facility is different, with a wide range of available expertise, resources and capacity, so our team promotes achievable but ambitious changes that improve the care and welfare wild animals receive.

              Our team guides and coordinates global animal welfare programmes but it is the zoos we partner with and their dedicated staff that provide the resources, time and expertise that makes change happen and ensures the knowledge and experiences learned can be shared around the world.

              The challenge of improving welfare in the world’s worst captive wild animal collections is huge, but with the combined effort of both the global zoo and animal welfare communities, by bringing together a range of skills, views, networks and resources, we are helping to change minds, attitudes and practices and making a positive difference to the welfare of thousands of wild animals living in captivity around the world.

              Past Annual Reports

              We…Promote positive captive animal welfare practices,?challenging practices that compromise welfare
              We…Empower those working with captive wild animals, ensuring their actions directly improve captive animal welfare
              We…Raise Awareness of the welfare issues affecting wild animals in captivity around the world


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